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Christian Based Journals

If you would like to support small businesses, grow your faith, grow with your goals, grow with your prayer life, grow with your mental health, or just want to start journaling more then these journals are for you. I would love to send a journal out to you to get you started on your growth journey today!

Please complete the form below to acquire your journal. I will reach out to you about your order. *Disclaimer: Shipping rates are calculated based on customer location.*

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The God and Goals Girl Journal - $30

This journal was my first ever journal that holds such a sweet place in my heart. I got the vision of this journal laying in bed one night and knew exactly what I wanted it to say and look like, it took me a longgg time to figure out how to create it but I did and I think it is the most important journal to have. This journal helps to plan and set goals each day, has a scripture study for each day, and a reflection that helps to look over your days and reminds you to pray for others. This journal is simply essential to give you motivation and eagerness for each day.


Dear Heavenly Father Journal - $30

This is a prayer journal that I specially created to increase and grow your prayer life. Sometimes prayers can feel repetitive or maybe even hard to know what to say sometimes. This journal will help you to gain new ideas and have a more steady prayer life by journaling in this daily by having two prayer prompts to journal daily.


God and Mental Health Journal - $20

This journal is my newest journal that is so unique in its own way. As shown, each day has a prompt to help get to know yourself better, journal, and grow in your mental health. With each prompt, there is 1-2 scriptures that help with that particular topic. Some of these scriptures I have memorized to help me throughout the day and stay rooted in God’s word, this is so important! Selling out quickly!

The God and Goals Girl
Dear Heavenly Father
God and Mental Health
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